Board Duties

President : Duties & Responsibilities
The President shall
a) preside at all meetings and to ensure their smooth running of the Club, the Board and the Executive Committee,
b) have the duties and power normally appurtenant to the office of President in addition to those particularly specified in these Bylaws,
c) be Officio Absentee for all committees and all committees will report to the president and keep him apprised of all outcomes and decisions made by the committee, as well as giving updates to the President in a reasonable fashion,
d) provide leadership to the other Board Members,
e) coordinate the planning of the Board's activities for the year ahead and plans for the Club’s future,
f) be responsible for ensuring that an ongoing planning process exists for the Club through meetings of the Board,
g) prepare, in consultation with the Board Secretary, the agendas for Board and the Board Meetings,
h) ensure that Board members have the information they need to make informed decisions,
i) ensure that all new Board members get a proper orientation to the Board and to the branch association,
j) take charge of the delegation of responsibilities, making sure that they are spread out equitably among the Board members,
k) organizes the committees of the Board,
l) maintain contact with committee Chairs, helping them to stay on track and monitoring whether they need any additional support,
m) ensure that all Board committees are properly served by Board members, other community members, and staff,
n) take an active role in fund raising,
o) represent the association branch at public functions and before public bodies, including funders.
The President shall
a) as the Board Chair, assist in assigning members to various committees which will take a specific task of the Board (such as developing personnel policies or establishing the budget) and focus on that alone.  The recommendations from all the committees then come to the full Board for final discussion and approval,
b) find the right committee Chair from a developed Board profile,
c) get the best from all committees which will require the Chair to delegate the task to the appropriate group and then to maintain ongoing contact with the committee without interfering with its work.

Vice-President:  Duties and Responsibilities
The Vice-President shall
a) have the duties and exercise the powers of the President in case of the Presidents absence,
b) give quick attention to Board matters including the Applications for Membership,
c) actively be involved in managing the Club as well as offering suggestions when needed,
d) take on tasks appointed by the President.

Secretary : Duties and Responsibilities - General
The Secretary shall,
1) keep all of the records, files, created documents—Constitution, Code of Conduct, Bylaws—and documents related to membership, and details that are important for the smooth operation of the Club and,
2) collect committee reports and keep a list of committee chairs and members, and their respective assignments and,
3) keep the Club’s past achievement reports and,
4) keep all relevant information of current Members of the Board and,
5) keep a written record of all meetings of the Club and of the Board, and all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club to be ultimately posted on the website and,
6) have charge of the correspondence and,
7) keep a roll of the members of the Club with their current mailing addresses and telephone numbers and,
8) keep copies of current and past magazines and CKC-related publications and a complete set of printed material and Club literature and,
9) keep all mentioned above up to date and in good order and,
10) carry out such other duties as are prescribed in the Bylaws and,
11) serve as the Presidents stead when the President and Vice-President are not available and,
12) regularly liaise with the President and,
13) assist the president in developing meeting agendas,
14) identify topics along with the President, that need to be addressed during each meeting
15) notify officers and directors of their election to office and,
16) be knowledgeable the latest revised version of Robert’s Rules of Order which shall be used exclusively by “Club Westie” and,
17) answer all correspondence promptly, and inform officers and of the communication and,
18) send newsworthy articles to the Club’s News Director for inclusion into the Club’s publication and to the CKC publication or magazine and,
19) collect any relevant information from the Membership Director regarding new members and,
20) receive all materials from the past club secretary and,
21) inventory all Breed Club property and,
22) notify the CKC of your new club officers for the next year and,
23) assist the secretary-elect and pass on all Club materials to him/her after your term of office.
Duties and Responsibilities - Meetings
1) During club and board meetings, the secretary should be prepared to document all club and board meeting activity by maintaining an attendance log and transcribing minutes.
2) The secretary should be prepared to present a secretary’s report during board meetings.
3) The secretary is a voting member of the Board who should vote on all issues presented by the Board of Directors.
4) The secretary should record the following about each regular Club meeting:
a) Number of members present
b) Names of those attending
c) List of guests attending
d) Meeting Chair
e) Speaker and subject
f) Committee reports-written and oral
g) Announcements
h) Any motions or decisions acted upon by the membership
i) Collect reports from committee chairs

Treasurer Duties and Responsibilities
1. The Treasurer shall
a) manage and report on the association's finances and,
b) collect and receive all monies due or belonging to the Club, and shall deposit same in a bank designated by the Board in the name of the Club and,
c) keep the accounts, books and records open at all times to the inspection of the Board, and report their conditions at every meeting along with every item of receipt or disbursement not previously reported and,
d) render a true account of the closing fiscal year’s activities at the annual meeting and,
e) be bonded in such amount as the Board shall determine the cost of such bonding to be assumed by the Club and,
f) carry out the responsibilities of a member of the Board of Directors and,
g) monitor the budget and assist in its preparation and,
h) ensures the Board's financial policies are being followed and,
i) report to the Board of Directors and general membership on the finances and,
j) prepare any required financial reporting forms and,
k) maintain all bank accounts and,
l) oversees all financial transactions and,
m) chair the finance committee and,
2. Treasurer's signature should appear on all cheques of the Club with the second signature from any of the members of the Board who have signing authority.

News Director/Editor   Duties and Responsibilities
1) Provide content for the Westie Wag with informative articles, pictures and event Information.
2) Involves the membership to obtain articles, stories, pictures for the news.
3) Asks for ads from breeders and members.
4) Produce the Westie Wag in two media formats; printed and electronic through the Club’s web site.
5) Every issue should include:
a) Reports from the President, Secretary, and Membership Director.
b) Committee representation and reports.
c) Regional reports from the Provincial Directors.
d) Board of Directors list.
6) Items specific seasonal issues:
a) Spring: Annual membership list and Club financial report.
b) Summer: Election information obtained from the Secretary. May include biographies of people running for office.
c) Fall: results of elections or nominations.
d) Winter: membership renewal forms.
7) Items to be included when they become available:
a) Notices of AGM and SGM are printed in the issue preceding the meeting.
b) Minutes of AGM and SGM are printed in the issue following the meeting.
c) Tickets for fundraisers.
d) Annual award winners; usually announced at the National Specialty.

Membership Director  Duties and Responsibilities
1. Receive all new member applications and appropriate remittance ensuring that both the Application for Membership and the Code of Conduct have been fully completed and signed.
2. Send notification through electronic means to the new member applicant that their Application for Membership has been received.
3. Once the applicant has cleared the acceptance process as established in the Bylaws, send all remittance to the Treasurer for proper processing.
4. Send notification through electronic means to the new member applicant that their application has been accepted by the Board.
5. Add the new member to the Membership List that is regularly maintained by the Membership Director.
6. Send by electronic means a membership renewal form to all members of the Club in early November.
7. Send by electronic means in the month of February, a reminder to those still needing to renew their membership.
8. Inform the Secretary of the total number of members before each general meeting to determine quorums.
9. Provide a list of new members to be officially welcomed to the Club to the News Director prior to the deadline of every quarterly issues of the Club publication.

Provincial Director Duties and Responsibilities
1. Actively participate in all aspects of the Club including but not limited to,
a) meetings of the Board of Directors,
b) Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings,
c) provide any agenda items or supporting documents if applicable for the afore-mentioned meetings,
d) be an advocate for members within their region of responsibility and to bring their concerns, questions and inquiries to the Board.
2. To the best of her/his ability respond to inquiries from members, new applicants, and any other person within their region of responsibility including but not limited to,
a) providing information regarding the Breed and the Breed Standard,
b) providing information about the Club, it’s procedures, activities and interests,
c) providing information regarding breeders of the West Highland White.
3. Provide when possible a written report of any regional activities or items of interest to the Editor of the Club publication.

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